Glossary of terms

i think it will be great idea to add a glossary of terms in the forum .

to people learning 3d slicer on their own with technical background ,at the start it was quite hard to translate terms like segmentation , rendering , registration etc . i still struggle with different terms like fiducial or model in their useful meaning in slicer .

i suggest putting a glossary with non technical definition of terms .

i would greatly suggest putting a section for that purpose and in my opinion will help a lot understanding documentation .

That sounds like a good idea. Are you willing to help work on it?

The process could be to make a fork of the repository on github, create a new branch with a name like add-glossary, start populating a documentation page for the glossary and list terms you’d like help defining and any definitions you have found so far and create a pull request. Then people who know the answers can start commenting and it can get fleshed out.

Another option would be to start a google doc with the terms and share a link so that people can add information in suggest mode. Perhaps this is the easier way to start, and then it can be converted to markdown later to add to the official documentation.

im willing but im no expert you know . i suggested it since i do really need it myself .

however if you i can be helpful id love to .

Here you go, I’ve added a Glossary. Let us know if you miss anything or something is not clear.

The changes are under review in this pull request:


Thank you @lassoan !

@mohammed_alshakhas (and everyone) please read through this and comment on anything that’s not clear.

thats so great @lassoan @pieper .
such a great community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: