Great developer for SLICER >> Alex Vergara

Hello, I was assigned to process some batches of data sets and it was so slow and time consuming.

A developer I met on this website called " Alex_Vergara " from France. Helped me so much!

He offered his help and because I am really not a well off guy with a lot of cash he said it is okay and he trusts me. Later I was able to pay him more than he requested and also thank God it really turned out well!

He solved most of the problems and you know what?

The script I asked for was not professionally designed. I just told him in an amateur way what I need. THAT IS A HUGE problem you know and a fertile ground for many misunderstandings because one should have proper documentation and understanding what he needs, each axis, each mm should be defined and well written.

I had none of that. I tried to talk to him with best of my understanding I could and he listened and really understood what I need and he translated that into a wonderfully working script.

I was late with testing and feedback but he waited because it was so much effort and work and I was given some other assignments. But he was super kind and nice till the end.

If you need something, hire this guy, you will not be wrong or failed. To me it seemed like he is really honest and will not trick you or lie to you that he can do wonders, if there is something that can not be done. HE told me exact things that can be achieved and he did them. He also things that were unrealistic (speeding the process up) becuase the way it works was up to slicer and there was not much to be done about that and it really turned out that way the way he said it.

He was very accurate and honest. If you need job,… heh crap, I know this sounds like an ad for him haha but if you don’t believe me. Message me I will show you the work he did.

Thanks everyone