Having Trouble Extracting Ultrasound DICOM/Vol file from GE Voluson S8

I’m attempting to create a 3d model of a 3d ultrasound .dcm file that I’d asked a 3d sonographer to extract, (for 3d printing) but all that is appearing when uploading to slicer is a 2d image of the ultrasound (in .dcm format)

She is using a GE Voluson S8 machine for the task, and doesn’t know how to extract the volume file I am needing… any advice or instruction for what to ask/tell her?


Operating system: GE Voluson S8
Slicer version: 4.11.20200930
Expected behavior: Loading 3d Volume from .dcm file
Actual behavior: Loading a 2d image from .dcm file

GE 3D ultrasound machines only store a 2D screenshot in standard DICOM image field and use private fields for the 3D volume. You can use SlicerHeart extension to load the 3D information (it will require you to request the image decoder pack from GE, by filling out a web form).

So I, as the person doing the slicing, can use the SlicerHeart extension (and the image decoder pack from GE) to load 3d information from these seemingly 2D .dcm files the woman who took the ultrasounds sent over?
The files are all around 2000 KB, which seems low for having 3d vol information, but is that decoder pack a means of “reading between the lines” of the 2D screenshotted .dcm file to get the 3d volume?

Or is that decoder pack something SHE would need on her end to get the right information out of the machine to send over to me for slicing?

Just making sure I understand.
Really appreciate your help! Thanks!

You need to have the decoder (not the patient or the ultrasound technologist).

2000KB seems to be a bit small, but it may contain a smaller region or lower resolution image. Size of a single 3D ultrasound volume is typically 3-5MB.