Having trouble understanding model types

Hi there!
I’m new at this software- Trying to learn to segment and create models for dental research purpose.
I will really appreciate if someone could help me understand the difference between the surface model and the solid model.
I understand that modelling with slicer reaches de surface one, am i right?
What is it that i CANT do with a surface model, that i can with a SOLID one?

Would you like to know the difference between surface meshes / volumetric meshes (stored in model node)? Or between model nodes / segmentation nodes / labelmap volume nodes?

What would you like to achieve?

okey, maybe I’d go with surface and volumetric meshes issue. I am trying to generate 3d models of bone and segmented teeth. I want to export them and have the possibility to print them. Also, I dont know if I cant analyze (particularly measure volume and surface area) of my models being surface. I have been reading buy I am a mess here. Thank you

You typically need volumetric meshes for finite-element analysis (e.g., mechanical modeling). For everything else, such as 3D printing and surface and volume measurements, you only need a surface mesh, because you are only interested in the boundary surface of the object.

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