Heart valve segmentation tool

Operating system: Windows
Slicer version: 4.11.20210226
Expected behavior: Valve segmentation tool in SlicerHeart
Actual behavior: Can’t find the tool

I have been trying to use slicer for Mitral valve leaflet segmentation but I cannot find the tool in the Cardiac extension. How can I add it or find it.

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We have not released the SlicerHeart valve segmentation module yet. We plan to release it along with our SlicerHeart journal paper, probably within a few months.

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Thank you for your response. Is there any other way to segment the leaflets along the annulus with slicer?

The valve segmentation tool is just a customized version of the Segment Editor module with convenience features such as it sets up slice orientation based on the annulus plane, resamples the image to have finer resolution, adds a tubular shape mask around the annulus to make it easier to exclude irrelevant regions from the segmentation, sets up views, etc. These all help but none of these are required - you can segment leaflets using the stock Segment Editor module.

Excuse me, please are you releasing any relevant content or articles about slicerheart valve segmentation?

The paper has been submitted and it is under review. We can hear from it anytime and if it is accepted then the code will be made open-source in a few weeks. If we need to resubmit the paper elsewhere then it can take several more months.

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Good luch to you and looking forward to your good news!

Can that paper seen on the arXiv ?

Dear Sir,

does the journal paper accept ? :grinning: waiting for your good annocement.

And waiting for the 

But I found a link using valve segmentation two years ago…
The net link:Mitral Valve Analysis: 3DSlicer - YouTube
And the capture:

Or is there any early version that published the valve segmentation…

Thanks for your kind answers.

We’ve been using this module for several years and shared with a few collaborators. We’ll make it public when SlicerHeart platform paper gets published (it was rejected from one journal, we resubmitted it to another and it is under review).

Unfortunately, clinical journals don’t really like these kind of platform papers, so it can take 1-2 years until we are lucky to find a good journal with an editorial board and reviewers who understand the importance of software tools and platforms.

can I get a copy of share?
Best wishes.

Please contact the Principal Investigator of the project, Matthew A Jolley at CHOP for early access.

thanks very much, I will try.

Dear Sir,

Since the new version with Valve Segmentation released. Can you or your team share a public/sample data of the US data contating Mitral Valve/ Annulus , just for the userguide, as to the Cardio CTA data.

thanks. Best wishes.