Seek the source technique for CT and Ultrasound based Mitral Valve/ Annulus

Dear All,

Since 3d slicer support CT and Ultrasound based Mitral Valve/ Annulus segmentation.

Where can I found the source technique papers?

Maybe that is the way open-source benifits for researchers.

Thanks for suggestion.

You can use Valve Annulus Analysis module in SlicerHeart extension to specify the annulus curve.

If you want to segment the leaflets then I would recommend to use Crop volume module to crop the image to the valve and resample it to 0.3mm isotropic resolution as a very first step. Then, segment this image using Paint tool in Segment Editor module. You can set Editable intensity range to a range that only paints in bright regions, because then you can use a large sphere brush to get an approximate segmentation very quickly. You then need to disable Editable intensity range and fix the segmentation (for example fill the discontinuities in the leaflets that are due to just signal dropout). Once you have good-quality segmentation, you can use Scissors effect to split the leaflet into two separate segments.

We’ll release a module soon that automates some of these steps (cropping, resampling, etc.) saving a little time. We have been also working on fully automatic deep-learning based leaflet segmentation tools (e.g., tricuspid valves with HLHS) that we’ll soon release publicly. There have been many other groups developing similar tools for mitral valves.

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This step, we need to segment the annulus firstly, right ?

Here I got a CTA DICOM data, I try to segment the annulus.