Help wiki page update

I just bumped into the Help wiki page that still pointed the readers to the mailing list. I edited it quickly so that Discourse is the main way of communication. Please review

Thanks Csaba - yes, it’s great to update these - we been talking about giving a bit more time for transition but it seems momentum is gaining here on the forum.

Makes sense. My direct motivation was that I needed to approve a kitware source article I wrote, and in that the mailing list was specified as the way to contact us (the link pointing to this help page), and I didn’t want to promote the method we’re trying to move away from.

I updated this page again:

  • removed confusingly-worded old text (read as though the mailing list was still accepting questions)
  • removed the link to mailing list subscription. Now only linking archives.
  • listed mailing list at bottom of page, and as “Discontinued”
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The wiki Contact page still refers to the mailing lists, at the bottom.

Updated. Thanks! <20 char>