Hide data inside ROI when Volume Rendering

Hi slicers,

Is there a way to make the ROI hide the data inside instead of cropping it? Like in this capture of mrview:


P. S.: I’m trying to add the tag “volume rendering”, but I didn’t manage.

Use the Volume clip with ROI module in Volume Clip extension to remove an arbitrary rectangular section. You can also use Volume clip with model module (in the same extension) to remove an arbitrarily shaped region.

Hi Andras,

I forgot to say “interactively”, like in the Volume Rendering module.

If clicking the Apply button is so bad then you can slightly modify the Crop volume with ROI module to apply cropping immediately whenever the ROI is changed.

Instead of immediate update you may allow a few-second delay: (re)start a timer whenever the ROI is changed and re-crop the volume when the timer expires.

I don’t think clicking the Apply button is so bad. I just think that might not be what the user wants, specially if he’s clipping a very large image just for visualization.

Thanks for your answer. I’ll experiment and try to modify the Volume Rendering volume if I get a result.

Volume renderer in VTK does not support arbitrary Boolean operators between clipping planes: you can only do rectangular cropping or masking with binary labelmap. Everything else must be done by modifying the input volume.

If VTK’s volume renderer will be able to do such clipping then we can make that available in Slicer till then the simplest is to pre-process the volume. Note that you can still show the original unclipped volume in slice viewers.

Also note that you can get almost the same result by showing slice views (with thresholding enabled for the volume, to remove black borders) and a skin surface model (slice clipping enabled to be able to see inside the head).

Example (download the scene from here):


I tried the Volume clip with ROI. I can’t get it to do anything. I watched the video but it was all about the other Volume Clip module. Is there a basic step-by-step for the Volume Clip with ROI somewhere?

I figured it out – see Volume Rendering with cut planes - #3 by SteveRobbins

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