Volume Rendering with cut planes

I have loaded a DICOM series, can see the volume rendering. I can use the ROI and crop to the box. What I wanted to do is place the three orthogonal (red,green,yellow) planes and use them to cut the volume. Image below shows the effect I wanted to create. Is that possible in Slicer 5?


Yes, you can set up this visualization in Slicer. It is not volume rendering (raycasting), just a simple display of the slice views in 3D (with slice region outside the head masked out) and also showing a skin surface model (clipped with the slice view planes).

See more information in these posts:

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Hello. I appreciate your help immensely. You are right that the skin surface model + cut planes produces the image I reference. That’s a great tip. I may end up going in that direction.

I originally thought it would be do-able with volume rendering. Indeed, after your response, I went back and tried some more. I just noticed the Volume Clip module doc has a picture using ROI Box – Documentation/Nightly/Extensions/VolumeClip - Slicer Wiki That picture gave me the clue what I was doing wrong!

In the module, I had selected “Create New ROI” which then changed to “MarkupsROI”. I made a box but nothing would happen when I clicked Apply. It turns out that when I created the ROI it was named “R” and things started working once I went back to the clip module and changed “Clipping ROI” to “R”.