How can dont apply mesh to geometry in 3Dslicer , i want import my software without mesh

How can dont apply mesh to geometry in 3Dslicer , i want import my software without mesh .

What is your input data and what would you like to get as a result?

The format file is STL . And i want segment brain to (wm-GM-csf and skull) then import my software . But I don’t want the result of 3Dslicer produce mesh. I just want to get the 3D model . Is it impossibe?? Or is there any software that produce segment file with STL format that produce segment file from brain that result nothing mesh? just 3d model

Hi @adele1371 - to help us help you, can you clarify what you mean by 3d model without a mesh? Maybe you want a rasterized labelmap image? Also, are you starting with an STL file? Or are you starting with a medical image, like an MRI or CT?

Hello mr pieper .thanks . Start file to 3d slicer is MRI picture . Export file is 3d model of segmentation brain . Final files is 4 stl file (wm-gm-csf-skull) that i can import into my software

Ah, okay, yes, makes more sense now. For MRI brain segmentation you may want to use a specialized tool like freesurfer. You could then use Slicer to view the results and export to STL. Or you can do the segmentation natively in Slicer using the segment editor, but brains are tricky to segment manually (it all depends on how accurate you need the result to be).

I can’t install free surfer. Is there an online site for free surfer that give segments files.or is impossible for you that sent me ?

Why not? It’s free DownloadAndInstall - Free Surfer Wiki

If you don’t have linux you could install it virtually with

Thank you mr pieper . So 3DSlicer can not produce 3d model without mesh right??

Sorry, it’s still not clear to me what you mean by this phrase.

In medical image computing, 3D model, surface mesh, and STL file usually refer to the same thing, so if you have 3D model then it means you have mesh.

If you have trouble installing freesurfer then you can create models from MRI images using Slicer with some more manual work as @pieper suggested above. You can remove skull using SwissSkullStripper extension and get other parts by using Segment Editor module. See tutorials at Slicer training page.