How can I convert NIFTI files to NRRD files without .bvec nor .bval files?


I am working with DSC NIFTI files, however I need to convert these into NRRD files.
I know that there’s a module named DWIConvert, but I think you need .bvec or .bval files to use it.
(Actually I have DSC dicom files, but after dcm2niix, no .bvec or .bval files are produced for my datasets.)
So my question is,

  1. Is it possible to convert NIFTI files to NRRD files without .bvec nor .bval files?
  2. If possible, then how can I do this?

Thank you in advance!

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For non-diffusion MR images, yes. You can also load those .nii file directly in Slicer without an intermediate NRRD conversion step.

(the nii/bvec/bval file set is for diffusion weighted imaging, and bvec/bval is necessary to convert a nifti-DWI volume to a nrrd-DWI volume; they store the gradient and b value information)

dcm2niix will only create bvec/bval pairs for diffusion weighted MR images.

Thank you for your answer, Isaiah.
I misunderstood that DSC images are diffusion weighted images, which is totally not.

Actually I have hundreds of nifti files to convert.
Could you please let me know how to save nifti files into nrrd files in command lines?
Thank you in advance!