How can I effectively separate upper and lower teeth that are in contact with each other?

Operating system: win 10
Slicer version: 5.6.1
Expected behavior: Due to limitations in the equipment, the teeth in the CBCT images of the upper and lower jaws are captured as connected. Is there any method to relatively quickly separate them?
I’ve recently started using 3D Slicer, and this is one of the challenges I’m currently facing.
Actual behavior:

What is your goal with the separation? Segmentation or visual inspection?

It is possible that @PalkoD has done something like this before, so pinging him just in case.

I want to separately segment the maxilla and mandible, along with the teeth, but the challenge of connected teeth between the adjacent maxilla and mandible is proving difficult for me. And I only have CBCT files where the maxilla and mandible, along with their teeth, are connected.