How can I import the mesh created in comsol to the nirfast ?

Operating system:window10
Slicer version:2.0.0
Expected behavior:use the mesh created in comsol to compete image reconstruction
Actual behavior:there’s no where to import the data

What file formats can you export from comsol?

it can impport the ‘txt’ which includes element and node, but the NIRFAST needs element,node and ‘param.’ which displays optical parameter distribution .

Do you want to load Slicer segmentation results into comsol, or you want to load comsol simulation results into Slicer?

i want to load comsol mesh into the software ‘NIRFAST’

Slicer can load volumetric meshes from VTK unstructured grid files (.vtk and .vtu extensions).

NIRFAST Slicer (which is a customized build of Slicer with some additional modules) does not seem to have additional mesh importers.

Therefore, you probably need to use a mesh converter, such as meshio to convert comsol output mesh to vtk/vtu file.

i see! thank you very very much! i will have a try.