How to add 3D Slicer extension manually?

I have downloaded 3D Slicer (from the USB) in my work’s PC that using net has a restriction ( where I can not open the download page of 3D Slicer and its extensions) so I need to add the modules extension to be able to fully use the program. Is there any way that this could be possible? please give me the steps of doing such thing.
Thank you so much in advance for your help.
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Please see information about this here: Install extensions without network connection

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thank you so much for your informative reply, I have downloaded the needed extensions as winRAR files (as seen in the screenshot below).

When trying to added these extensions to 3D Slicer program: I clicked: view…extension manager…
but I do not know how to add the extensions to the program?

should I first extract the winRAR, and if yes which folder should I select to add the needed extension?

From Extensions Manager — 3D Slicer documentation,

Select the the previously downloaded extension package.

^ This is referring to the download ZIP file. So you should select the ZIP and press “Open” as shown in your image.

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thank you for your comment, does this mean that it is ok?

thank you so much, it is working.

Yes that is all good. It was just getting some metadata from the web it appears.

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hi, could you please help me in this: I downloaded the Quantification module package but couldn’t see the mesh statistics function?
How could this be solved?
thx in advance