Tip for manual downloading of Extensions

I really like 3DSlicer but since I am at a hospital environment IT can be very frustrating even though I have Admin privileges on my Win workstation. The standard Install Extensions is blocked by our hospital Proxy server and I get:

You must be authenticated to access this URL.
URL: http://slicer.kitware.com/midas3/slicerappstore?layout=empty&os=win&arch=amd64&revision=26654

I didn’t see any help on the forum so here is what I have learned to get around this.
Open a web browser to
Click the download of the extension and then save to a local drive you have full privileges.
Open the Extension Manager in 3DSlicer, click the ‘install Extensions’ tab
Click the wrench icon with arrowhead and pick install extension from file
Navigate and select that file you just downloaded.
Wait for a bit (you may not get a message that the extension has been installed …)
restart 3DSlicer
You can delete the file you just downloaded if you want.

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Thanks you for sharing this.

This question has come up a couple of times on the forum (for example Cannot download extensions), it’s interesting that it is not easy to find these posts. Googling “slicer manual download of extension” brings up the relevant page, too.

Yep, the method here did not work for me.

of course could be user error… Thanks for great support!

I think the necessary instructions were already described on the page but it was not obvious to find it (the page is quite long). I’ve now added a link from the “How to manually install an extension package?” section to the relevant section above to make the instructions easier to find.

I cant access the webpage. how to get authentication

Hi JohnK,
I do not see any extension on the link provided.

Please share how can I have access to download extensions as the ectension manager not working.

Saima Safdar

Hi Andras,
Extension manager in 3D Slicer not working. how to install extensions.
for me this link not working

ANy help.

Saima Safdar

The extensions manager works now in latest Slicer Stable Release and latest Slicer Preview Release.

The old extensions server had to be shut down due to security vulnerabilities. You can now download extension packages manually from here.

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Hi Andras,
I wrote a module which was working fine in the older version slicer The new stable version of slicer is reporting a problem

Processing started
error: [/home/saima/Downloads/Downloads/slicer/bin/SlicerApp-real] exit abnormally - Report the problem.

It crashes when I click apply button. I do not understand whats happening.

Saima Safdar

Have you built Slicer and your extension on the same computer?

Hi Andras,
Its loadable scripted module. Doesnt need to build. I gave path in the modules to access it.

Could you please help.

Saima Safdar

Can you send a link to the line of your module that made the application crash? You can run your module line by line in the Python debugger.

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