How to backport a feature to an older Slicer version

The requirement I received is to use a label to point to a specific spatial point in the 3D view. The latest Slicer version seems to have implemented this feature, but the client’s software was developed based on 5.1.2. I searched for the latest Slicer code on GitHub and couldn’t find this feature. Is there a plugin that implements this feature?

This is now available as an extension. Please install it from extension manager. Seach for ExtraMarkups

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thank you very much @muratmaga

is there exist a old version of the extension ExtraMarkups? Slicer5.1.2 can’t compile the extension because the basic framework miss some file to comile the extension.

Slicer core developers cannot justify spending time with supporting older Slicer versions, because it would take resources away from fixing and improving the current Slicer version.

You have several options:

  • upgrade to a more recent Slicer version to benefit from latest fixes and improvements and get free support
  • invest your resources to figure out solutions, backport fixes and improvements to older Slicer releases
  • turn to Slicer commercial partners for getting help with older Slicer releases

thank you lassoan .
Your advice is always very useful.
I’ll consult with the boss of the company to see his ideas.
if I am looking for a business partner, where can I obtain it?

You cs an find contact information of Slicer commercial partners here.

the page is out of service noew

I’ve fixed link now, please check again.

thank you ! it’s worked now.