How to change the color output of Level tracing

Operating system: Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.6
Slicer version: 4.10.2 r28257
expected behavior:
Actual behavior:
I would like to change the color output of Level tracing. I do not know how to program. Is there a way of doing this?

Could you please attach a screenshot and show there what color you would like to change?

Hello Andras,

Please see attachment. The color is currently green. I don’t have any specific color I would like to change it to, I would just like to learn how to change it.

Thank you

I think it’s hard-coded currently. Here’s what you need to change if you want a different color:

You can find this file in the installed folder: [SlicerInstallFolder]\Slicer 4.11.0-2019-MM-DD\lib\Slicer-4.11\qt-scripted-modules\SegmentEditorEffects\

Is there a list somewhere that shows what colors correspond to the code?

You can use Google’s color picker by typing “color picker” into google search. If you set the values (multiplied by 255) in the rgb fields then you get the color. Or use any other color picker of your choice.

I will look into it. Are the rgb fields the areas separated by commas?
sorry really don’t know how to program.