Segment editor outline color and thickness customization

Is there a way to change the default segment outlining color from yellow to something else in the segment editor (and/or edit the line thickness) that we can embed in We are working on images that has a very light background, and yellow outline doesn’t stand out much…

If by “outlining color” you mean preview color in paint and scissors:

If you work with grayscale images then by slightly adjusting their window/level should make the bright yellow color pop out very nicely.

If you have a fast computer then you can also disable delayedPaint property of qSlicerSegmentEditorPaintEffect - then there is no preview but you paint directly with the segment color.

If you want to make the color adjustable then you can send a pull request that adds get/set method for the color in qSlicerSegmentEditorPaintEffect.cxx and qSlicerSegmentEditorScissorsEffect.cxx.

I believe that to achieve what you want, these hardcoded values need to be made a property in the effect:

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Is there a way to increase the thickness of a segmentation itself (not the effect)?

You can customize all these in Segmentations module’s display section.

Thanks! I missed the hidden “Advanced” options.

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