How to change the curvature of the markups plane

Hello, everyone. Recently, i used markups plane, Then I found out that Plan has rotation and translate functions, but i want that plane also can change the curvature and retaining the translation and rotation functions.

What do you mean you want to change the curvature of a plane. Would you like to create a curved surface from a plane or just change its orientation?

I want to generate a plane that can interactively adjust the curvature in a 3D window, similar to markupsPlane’s rotation and translation function

You cannot adjust a markup plane’s curvature. Do you mean adjusting the orientation?

I want to create a plane that can adjust the curvature, that can rotate, that can translate

A plane has 0 curvature. You cannot adjust this curvature because then it would not be a plane anymore.

You can use the markup plane for displaying and interactively rotate and translate a plane node. It seems that you are already aware of this, so I’m not sure what do you need help with. Would you like to know how to add a new markup plane using Python scripting?

i know that, Maybe I didn’t make myself clear, Or can a curveNode be made into a rectangle shape

If you want to fit a shape, such as a rectangle, to a point cloud then you can use an optimizer to compute the unknown parameters of the shape (for example, corners of the rectangle). See this example for fitting a sphere to a point cloud using scipy.optimize.

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Thanks for reply, lasson :grinning: