How to compute 3x3 diffusion tensor at each voxel

Operating system: Linux
Slicer version: 4.11
Hi guys

I am trying to extract 3x3 diffusion tensor at each voxel of the image. It seems we can see trace, max-min eigenvalues etc but not the tensor itself. I also dont know how to export the this data (say in *.txt) so that I can use for further analysis. I am so tired of spending hours with Slicer. I will greatly appreciate any kind of help. Thanks.

Did you see the tutorials at, and specifically “Slicer DTI tutorial”?

cc: @ljod

Thanks Andrey.

Also please see information towards the bottom of the page here about how to access tensors from Python, in case that is what you are looking for. It’s not clear from your message what your goal is.

Thanks for all replies! It was really helpfull @fedorov @ljod