DTI_ALPS x,y,z-projection of mean diffusivity

terribly sorry me again,
I forgot that I need x,y,z projections of MeanDiffusivity to.
How can I calculate it from the maps in DiffusionTensorScalarMeasurement provided…?
thank you,

You’ll need to figure out the details of the calculations yourself, but you can get the individual tensors in python: Script repository — 3D Slicer documentation

thank you for your help…
is that ok that the script works more than 47h now??
its a 2040 pics dti on a Intel® Core™ i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz × 8 machine…
ok I know Slicer uses just 1 core…

Processing tensor volumes voxel by voxel in python is likely to be slow, but that does seem like a long time. Usually it’s good to try small experiments to confirm that you are getting the results you expect and then you can use the timing of small examples to estimate how long it should take to process a full volume. It depends on your priorities but writing in C++ is an option to speed things up.

Seems to be a never ending story… ;((
I mean now I got a result but I can´t evalue it.

I have the tensor in a 4D “.nii.gz” file. in the order of Dxx, Dxy, Dxz, Dyy, Dyz & Dzz
I can load it into 3D Slicer using the MultiVolumeImporter.
I would like to place some ROIs and measure the values for Dxx Dyy and Dzz
How is that possible?

Moving the mouse over the frame in the MultiVolumeExplorer gives koordinates but no values?
So does Segmentation & Segment Statistics…

Is there a possibility to export the multiframe in single frames?

thanks jürgen

See the MultiVolumeExplorer to extract individual scalar volumes that are compatible with the DataProbe and SegmentStatistics.