How to connect three webcamera through Plus?

I want to connect three webcamera into my slicer app , one for Axial , One for Saggital , On for Coronal,right now i have managered to connect one webcamera into my Slicer app through Plus,how to connect three ?

If you use Microsoft Media Foundation video source in Plus then you can choose between devices by the device ID parameter.

Note that cheap cameras often have poor drivers, which may not allow to connect multiple devices to your computer at the same time.

thank you lassoan,i have managed change camera by device id, but right now i can show only one camera image in the red 2d window in one time, my compute have connected two cameras , is it possible to show one camera in red window and another in yellow window?

Yes, sure, you can send any number of image streams. In PlusServer configuration, you need to create a PlusOpenIGTLinkServer element for each image stream (set a unique ListeningPort and the correct OutputChannelId for each).

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thank you very much lassoan