How to connect two video streams into slicer using plus server

I have two cameras to access, how to achieve through plus server and openigtlinkif . The access of a single camera has been completed, how to modify the configuration parameters of plus server when accessing two cameras at the same time? The corresponding parameter file is PlusDeviceSet_Server_MmfColorVideoCapture.xml

I have successfully imported two video streams with a resolution of 640x480. However, when I adjusted the resolution of both streams to 1920x1080, the Plus Server failed to start. I need high-resolution images with a frame rate of 20fps. Is there a way to achieve this using Plus?

How to set frame rate in XML file.

When I use Plus to connect a 1080P camera, I find that the frame rate is quite low. However, when I connect the same 1080P camera directly using OpenCV, the frame rate is normal.

You can specify AcquisitionRate to change the desired framerate.

I add this parameter, but the frame rate is still low.

And I change VideoFormat to “NV12” and “MJPG”, but It doen’t work.

Have you tried using the OpenCVVideo device to see if the performance is better?

Yes, the frame rate in opencv is 30FPS, but when using plus server is 5FPS.