How to Create a zero thickness plane in 3D slicer?


I have made 3d model of nasal cavity ,now I want to add another segment in which I will create a plane surface with zero thickness , how can I do that?

If you want a model. You can add a modelNode to the scene and set its polydata from vtk.vtkPlaneSource()

I’m sure you’ll find vtk examples on how to use that filter and you can use this from the scriptRepository:

# Create model node and add to scene
modelsLogic = slicer.modules.models.logic()
model = modelsLogic.AddModel(sphere.GetOutput())

Instead of sphere it should be your plane.

Thanks for the link scriptRepositor. This workek for me, too.

Hello Sir

How can I make a plane of zero thickness in 3D slicer ?

Markups plane node is a plane of zero thickness.

But can I export this plane as a STL geometry , how can I do that please help

You can save the plane as a json file, which contains the plane position and normal, size, etc. You can also create a model node from the markup node using this code snippet that can be saved as STL, PLY, etc. file format:

planeNode = getNode('P')

# Get plane geometry
import numpy as np
origin = np.array(planeNode.GetOriginWorld())
axisX = np.zeros(3)
axisY = np.zeros(3)
axisZ = np.zeros(3)
planeNode.GetAxesWorld(axisX, axisY, axisZ)
corner = origin - 0.5 * size[0]*axisX - 0.5 * size[1]*axisY
size = planeNode.GetSize()

# Create polygonal mesh model that can be saved as ply, obj, stl,... file
planeSource = vtk.vtkPlaneSource()
planeModel = slicer.modules.models.logic().AddModel(planeSource.GetOutputPort())

Why do you need this plane as an STL file?

Where should I write the code? I am not getting any option

I need this plane because i will use this plane to select patches in my geometry for giving boundary conditions

Your can ilyen the Python console from the View menu.