How to create virtual endoscope image in 3d slicer

Hi,I’m a beginner of 3D slicer.I’d like to know if I can create virtual endoscope images like this in 3D slicer?Can you help me to explain the question. Thank you very much!

3D Slicer has an Endoscopy module (Endoscopy — 3D Slicer documentation) that can help you with this.

I’m very glad to see your reply!But this page can’t be found.

Sorry. I edited the answer with the right link.

I tried endoscopy on my model but it turned out like this.Is there anything wrong with my model?

From the picture I understand that you have done a sort of segmentation for the centerline and placed a fiducial. I would think you need a better way to define your fiducials along the centerline. You can try the suggestions given by @lassoan in this post (Virtual Bronchoscopy - #7 by lassoan) for extraction of the centerline as a curve and giving this as an input to the Endoscopy module.

Thank you for your reply!I will keep learning and try it later.