Questions for the endoscopy module in 3D slicer

I read a lot post on 3D slicer form about endoscopy module in 3D slicer. However i still don’t get it. I am not quite sure about the process of creating a path and using an endoscopy module to fly through. I am trying to use the atlas database of a brain from SPL and view the model in a way of endoscopy because i want to do some simulation about the endoscopy in brain surgical. Can you help me to explain the workflow to get this done. Thank you so much!

The Endoscopy module only provides some simple path following but it’s meant to be easy to use.

The documentation is here:

It seemed to be missing some context so I added a paragraph here:

See if this makes sense and if we need more detail comment on the pull request.

I tried this but when i add a mark up point. The fly through view doesn’t show up. The button for generating the path isn’t working. Also, when i select the point, i can only one markup point not a series points to guide the path. So i am not sure how these work.

There was an error in Endoscopy module in Slicer-5.0.2. It has been already fixed, so you can use a recent Slicer Preview Release until a new Slicer Stable Release becomes available.


Thanks so much! will try the preview version :smiley: