How to create volumetric mesh from stl files

Hi Andras,
Many thanks for your reply. I tried importing stls in 3D slicer as per the instructions you mentioned but I am getting this error message when i click apply button.

Mesh generation using Cleaver is started in working directory: /tmp/Slicer-tarun/SegmentMesher/20190430_130934_055

Error: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘GetColorNode’

reference link :

Could you please copy the contents of the application log? (menu: Help / Report a bug)

Please also try if mesh generation succeeds if you follow steps described in the tutorial:

The log file is too long so posted only last few lines.

Could you please upload the log to dropbox/onedrive/google drive and post the link?
Please also try meshing on a simpler data set as described in the tutorial I referenced above.

The uploaded log file is here:

Hi Andras,

The sample data in the example on the link talks about the scanned image data; I am not using any of the scanned image. My case is different, I have three stl files each having the cad geometry of a component. All three STLs make an assembly. And i want to make a voxel mesh of the assembly with each component having a unique material property.

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Do you need rectilinear grid? Once you have imported the meshes into a segmentation node, go to Data module, right-click on the segmentation node and click “Export visible segments to binary labelmap”. You can then save the exported labelmap as a 3D volume (in nrrd, mha, … format).

Hi Andras,

I want to create Unstructured Grid from stls. Let me try this method which you described above.

I have shared sample CAD files in form of .vtp (converted from stl). And I want to create voxel mesh of all three in one assembly with three different group of material.

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