How to display all points in a centerline curve at the same time in sagittal view? And how to display them?

Operating system: windows 10
This is a 2 part question:

  1. First, I want to display the points in a centerline curve at all times programmatically. So I have a centerline curve and it has n number of control points. I want to display all n control points on the centerline curve in the sagittal view. I can manually click on view and jump to control points using the markups module but I want to display them automatically (or display control points of curve at all times)through code.

  2. Second, I am using the endoscopy module to go through using the centerline curve. Is there any way I can change the color of displayed centerline curve control points as I pass it in the endoscopy view on the 2d views.

You can make all control points appear in a slice view by enabling Markups module / Display / 2D Display / Projection visibility. If you want to show them in a selected view only then specify the view node (Display / Advanced / View).

You can change the curve color using Markups module / Display / Advanced.

All these properties are also accessible in Python, via the display node of the curve node. You can get the display node by calling curveNode->GetDisplayNode().

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