Projection of interpolated points on open curve markup

I am developing a module where I use the open curve markups with spline interpolation to plot points. I have SetSliceProjection(True) so that the projected control points show up on the 2D slice viewers. However, I cannot find a means to get the whole curve (including the interpolated points between the control points) to project onto the slice viewer and create a smooth curve. Is there a simple way to achieve this effect? Thank you very much.

Hi Slicer Support community,

Please let me know if there is any additional information I should post to receive guidance on this issue. I am new to the forum and want to make sure I provide adequate information so I can receive support!

Thank you very much.

There’s probably a better answer from someone who knows how the markups display manager works, but here’s a hacky and not great idea that I’ll throw out: resample the curve to produce lots of control points, and then adjust the display properties of the control points to make their display area cover the curve in a connected way.

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You can configure the fade-out distance of the curve in slice views (distance from slice at the curve starts to fade and distance at the curve completely disappears). If you set these distances to a large value (e.g., 1000mm) then the entire curve will be visible in the slice.


Great, this is fantastic. Thank you both for the suggestions.

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