How to display the blended colors in the view of 'volume rendering'?

Hello Dr. Andras Lasso,
Thank you so much for your reply!

If these are two independent image acquisitions

Yes, the red and green channels shown in the figures above are two independent 16-bit TIFF images(named ‘cell-new-red.tif’ and ‘cell-new-green.tif’), as shown in Figure1 and 2(I got them from FIJI).

After I followed the method you suggested, in the view of ‘Volume rendering’, the blended colors of the two channels still cannot be displayed.

I’m not sure if the steps I performed are correct, could you please check them? if there are errors, please point out:

  1. First, according to your guide, in order to get the ‘Input vector volume’, I used FIJI to convert the image type of these two TIFF images from 16 bit to RGB color type, since from the 'Documentation/4.10/Modules/VectorToScalarVolume ’ I learned that:

The “Vector to scalar volume” module is useful for converting RGB (vector) volumes to one component (scalar) grayscale volumes.

  1. I saved the converted red and green channel images (both are RGB colors) as: ‘cell-new-red-RGB.tif’ and ‘cell-new-red-RGB.tif’

  2. In the ‘Vector to scalar volume’ module, I used the two files obtained from the 2nd step as ‘Input Vector Volume’, set the ‘Output Scalar Volume’ to ‘Scalar Volume RED’ and ‘Scalar Volume GREEN’, and I chose the ‘Single component extraction’ method as you said. As shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4 below.
    Scalar Volume RED
    Scalar Volume GREEN

  3. In the ‘Volume rendering’ module, I loaded the ‘Scalar Volume RED’ and ‘Scalar Volume GREEN’ obtained from the 3rd step into the view (I open both eye icons in front of the ‘Volume’, and loaded them into the view), and set the rendering method to ‘VTK Multi-Volume’, as shown in Figure 5 and Figure 6 below.

As you can see, after performing the above steps, the blended colors of the two channels still cannot be displayed in the view.

Could you please point out which step is incorrect or what should I do?

Thank you very much!