How to edit nii.gz file that was created using another program?

Hi i followed these steps from a previous post.

Load the DICOM volume using Slicer’s DICOM module. Load the nii.gz file using Add data function - and in the Add data dialog, click Show Options, scroll to the right, and make sure that LabelMap checkbox is selected.

But i am having difficulties with viewing the segmentation and editing it. Currently the segmentation is of the heart and arteries, but i want to just have the coronary arteries. How would i go about doing this.


There are few more steps involved. You need to convert your labelmap to a segmentation structure so that you can start using the Segment Editor. To do that, go to Segmentations module and find the import labelmaps option.
After that you can switch to Segment Editor and delete (or hide) the segmentation you don’t want.


Thanks, I got it working now.