How to export all structures to STL file

Hi everyone

I’ll ask you to how to export the dicom slice.

I implemented as follows.

  1. A Dicom file containing the structure(OAR, spinal cord, eye… etc) was imported into the 3D slicer from Varian Eclipse.
  2. The segment editor confirmed that the structure was normally recalled.
  3. Export to save the STL file and import the autodesk Netfabb
  4. But In the loaded Dicom files , only the surface of the bones and body is visible, but no other structures are visible.!
    I’d like to print 3D like the attached picture (section), is there anything wrong with what I did? I’d like to hear your explanation in detail.

I think it would be better to reply by e-mail.

Posted by taehyeong_kim on 03/26/2020

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