How to export model as smaller file?

hi, im new to slicer and computers in general but i am trying to make a model of a nasua narica skull for 3d printing from files i got from morphosource, i can load up and create the model fine but when i export the file is huge and my laptop cant handle it (i have a predator helios 300), is there a way to make it smaller in slicer? like a way to reduce the voxel count? i have tried simplifying using the segment editor but it smoothes the model too much and creates holes and still the file is huge, thank you to anyone who can help :slight_smile:

You can reduce the pollution count of your model using Surface Toolbox module. I would recommend using the “Uniform remesh” option, but you can also try “Decimation”. Usually you can reduce the mesh size by a factor of 10-20 without losing relevant details.

Thank you for your reply! When I try to deciminate a message comes up saying ‘failed to compute output model: ‘none type’ object has no attribute’is_all_triangles’ do you know what I’m doing wrong?

Did you get this error when you tried uniform remeshing or decimation?
What Slicer version do you use?
On what operating system?
Can you share the model that you are trying to decimate (upload to dropbox/onedrive/google drive and post the link here)?

im using slicer 5.2.1 and windows 10, it happened when i tried to uniform remesh, it also now wont let me select the model? but i imagine thats something simple, heres links to the file and a video trying to show what i mean about selecting, thank you so much for helping me i really appreciate it

You need to select an input model for the remeshing/decimation.

You can export the segmentation to a model using the right-click menu in the in the Data module.

Thank you! Like I said I’m very new to this haha

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No problem at all. We would like to make the software easily usable for newcomers, so such quesrions/feedbacks are useful for us.

Let us know if you managed to make everything work and maybe post a screenshot of the final result. Your segmentation in the video looked very nice.