Resampling or modify mesh properties of a model to get light .stl files

Hi everyone,

I am trying to obtain a 3D model of a vertebra from DICOM images, and to display it in other applications, such as a 3D pdf. So far, my solution is to export a stl file from Slicer and then to translate it to u3D with MeshLab for example.
Thanks to the tutorial and the Segment Editor module, I could manage to get a nice 3D model rendering and to export it as .stl file (by cropping, thresholding and a bit of filtering and then exporting my segmentation as a model).

However, my stl file is still heavy and I couldn’t find a way to resample my model, or to modify the mesh properties. Am I missing a module or an option within Segment Editor ?

Thank you for your help,

You can use “Surface Toolbox” module’s “decimate” option to reduce mesh size without changing visual appearance of the model.


Ok perfect, that was exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks !

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