How to extract points(edges) from a 3D surface model?

Dear all,

I have hollow 3D objects and i need to to extract all the points(edges) from their surfuces in order to calculate the mean distance.

How can i extract all these points ?

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Do you yoy ant to compute distance between two surface meshes?

Yes correct, the mean distance between all the surfaces points of the two models.

You can use ModelToModelDistance extension for this.

Thanks a lot Andras
I will check it


mod1Arr = slicer.util.array("model1Name")
mod2Arr = slicer.util.array("model2Name")
#  the mean distance can be calculated by the center of mass
mod1Cen = np.mean(mod1Arr, axis=0)
mod2Cen = np.mean(mod2Arr, axis=0)
meanDist = np.linalg.norm(mod2Cen - mod1Cen)

The nearest distance may be found by “ModelToModelDistance extension” as followed by @lassoan