How to find the largest area of a 3d structure

I wanted to know if there is any way to find a cross-section image with the largest length or area of a 3d structure, regardless of the orientation.
I know I can get cross-section areas of segments and find the largest area, however, this means I have to reorientate volume properly in advance.
Instead, I wanted to find the largest area of the 3d structure, then set that as the axial slice afterward.
Is this possible?
I have been looking all over the forum but could not find an answer to this.
Any advice would be grateful.
Thank you always.

The most common way of extracting the largest cross-section is to use SlicerVMTK extensions “Extract centerline” module to automatically get a centerline of the object and then use “Cross-section analysis” module to get a plot of the maximum inscribed sphere radius across the structure and in that module you can also get the full cross-sectional area and reslice the image/segmentation, jump to minimum/maximum cross-section, etc.

This is available for recent Slicer Preview Releases.

If you just want to explore a segment across a straight line then you can use the new SegmentGeometry extension.

If you need to automatically detect size of a structure then you can get oriented bounding box position, orientation, and size using Segment Statistics module. You can also use this script to create ROI nodes from them that you can use in Crop volumes module to resample the segmentation.

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