How to find the volume after segmenting using "Segmentation Editor"


I have already segmented my model, I am just looking for the volume (an actual number). Someone directed me to “Segment Statistics” module, but I cannot find that module. Is this an extension of some sort?

It’s in the nightly version.

Thank you!! If I download the nightly version, will I have to re-segment it all over again?

You don’t need to re-segment.

If you used the Segment Editor in an earlier Slicer version then you should be able to just load those segmentations.

If you used the Editor module then you need to import the labelmap into a segmentation node using Segmentations module.

Great! So I am now in the Segment Statistics module with my previously segmented model up. Which option do I click to get the volume?

Volume is always included in the computed quantities.

The computed quantities are the ones that show up in the boxes on the bottom right hand of the screen, correct?

You should see something like this:

Volume computed from the labelmap representation, in cubic cm is the “LM volume mm3” column. See more information in the module help.

Wonderful. You have been so helpful. Thank you!