Different volumes statisfics

I am working with volumes and áreas of cross sectional muscles.
I noticed that the volume and surface areas are different wheter we use
Label Statistics (first picture) or Models (second picture)…
What is the correct volume/área?


Conversion from labelmap to model includes some smoothing, which tends to reduce the volume of the model, so that could explain the discrepancy.

Please let me suggest that you use our next generation segmentation module called Segment Editor. Its usage is very similar to Editor that you use in the 1.5-year old 4.6.2 release, but it has a lot more features and is easier to use. Although it is available in the latest stable, I suggest downloading a recent nightly version, as it is continually improved. You can find some tutorials here in case you need them.

To calculate properties of the segmented regions, the Segment Statistics module is the one to use.

Thanks, You have been very helpfull!