How to fix the populating font family aliases issue

I just installed slicer on my MacbookPro that has an M2 chip, but I’m face with this problem Python 3.9.10 (main, Aug 19 2023, 07:11:06)
[Clang 14.0.6 ( 686807a176470032c208f2 on darwin

[Qt] Populating font family aliases took 147 ms. Replace uses of missing font family “.AppleSystemUIFont” with one that exists to avoid this cost.
and I don’t know how tix it. I did try to specify a font in the slicer script using the python console, but nothing worked. can someone please help me fix this issue ?

It would be great if you could investigate this font issue further. I get the same message on mac pro (intel). We tried changing the font in the UI files but couldn’t find anything that made a difference.

I did try changing the font to Arial, and it worked for a while but then it had the same message instead, the missing font was “Menlo” even though it’s available on my device. I keep trying to change the fonts but nothing happens.