Slicer layout not correct on Mac


I recently built Slicer 4.8.1 on my Mac from source. When I start Slicer on my external display, the layout looks correct. However, when I start Slicer on my Macbook without an external display, the layout is distorted and size the tabs, collapsible tabs and drop-down menus are large. I have attached a screenshot with this posting. Could someone suggest a solution for the problem.

Slicer version - 4.8.1-2017-12-19 r26813
Qt version - 4.8.7


Hello Priya,

can’t you just resize it down by drag-and-dropping the border between the 3D view and the widgets panel?

If not, maybe you could try to build 3D Slicer with Qt5 instead of Qt4 and see if the problem persists?


All widget scaling problems should be fixed in recent nightly builds that use Qt5. If there are remaining issues then let us know.

Thanks very much, Rafael and Andras.

Should we change the instructions on the Slicer webpage for building the source to reflect the need to use Qt5?


Yes. We’ll discuss this at the next developer tcon.