How to handle .tif file from MIB

Dear Slicer Forum,

I am new to Slicer, and using it to view in 3D images I have segmented in MIB. (These are serial blockface EM images.) I have saved the images from MIB as a .tif file and I import it into slicer, and then use the volumes model to view the segmentations in 3D.

However what I can’t figure out is:

  1. How do I assign different colours to my different segments? (See axial view in the image - I want these 4 objects to be different colours both in 2D and the 3D module.)

  2. How do I smooth these objects in 3D?

  3. How do I connect the 2D slices together in 3D, as they appear to be rendered as a series of flat disks rather than a 3D surface.

Any help would be really appreciated!

Kind regards,