How to import a sequence of radial OCT image(.jpg)

I’m new to 3D Slicer. I have a sequence of radial OCT images(as jpg). How can I load it to slicer and reconstruct it?
Really appreciate your help.

Please follow the method described in this topic:

Thanks for your reply. I read this method, but there are many details that confuse me. For example, how to use the Transforms module to set the origin, spacing, and axis directions for each image slice? Also, is it right to run the code line by line in the python interactor window?

You can set spacing by modifying the first 3 diagonal elements of the transformation matrix.

You can set the origin and axis direction by using the transform sliders. It takes time, maybe one minute for each image slice, but if you have a few dozens then you can finish it within half an hour. Of course it can be automated using Python scripting, but it may be easier to get started with just using the GUI.

Yes, you can copy-paste code into the Python interactor.

The main concern is what you can get out of these 3D reconstructions. If you only have 12 images as in the linked topic above, then 3D information will be very sparse. You would need 5-10x more images to get a nice complete 3D volume. How many images do you have (what is the angle increment between each slice)?

I have 128 images, rotated 180 degrees in total, with the rotation axis in the middle.