How to increase the image quality when I convert Dicom file to nii file

Hi There,
I had successfully converted a 3D ultrasound dicom file into a nii file. I am doing this because I can use a python script to convert nii file to a series of image (png) file with X/Y/Z dimension info. However, I found the quality of nii is very low ,thus the png files are also very low resolution.

I would like to ask a favor from the expert in the forum:

  1. is there a special parameter / or setting I need to configure in 3D slicer when I convert dicom to nii ?
  2. is there a way , I can convert dicom file , DIRECTLY, to a series of png files.

Any suggestion or tips will be definitely helpful !! thanks ,


There is no image quality loss when you save an image in Nifti format. It is a very simple operation and not much can go wrong.

It is much more likely that there is a problem during DICOM import. 3D ultrasound data is usually stored in proprietary DICOM tags, so importing it is not trivial. How did you open the 3D ultrasound DICOM file? Using SlicerHeart extension? Is it fetal or cardiovascular ultrasound? Which vendor, which ultrasound system?

The dicom is acquired from GE E8.
I had installed SlicerHeart extension, and also successfully load the ultrasound file in 3D slicer and view it in volume rendering mode.

any other tips , please advice, thanks

Is the image quality you see in Slicer good? If you save as .nii and load the .nii is the image quality the same? Can you attach a screenshot that shows the bad image quality?