How to know the total pixel counts?

Dear Sir,

I did the VOI (Volume of interest) on my image. But the total counts of pixel in the VOI do not appear in the table after I did the quantification as picture attached


Anyone can help me. the data set is attached 000000.dcm - Google Drive .

Enable “Labelmap statistics”, Go “Options”, check “Voxel count”

I was. But still not appear in table

Did you select the scalar volume?

All voxel count is working here.

then where are your total counts in voi?

The count is given as 7760, referring to Segment 1.

that one is a number of voxels. not total counts of voxel

You are wanting to sum the Hounsfield values of all the voxels of the scalar volume within the segmentation? How do you plan to use that statistic? SegmentStatistics already provides mean, median, min, max type values. Mean * number of voxels should give you your total sum of the corresponding Hounsfield values.

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I see…then total pixel counts is mean*total voxel

in 3D there is no pixel (picture elements), the correct term is voxel (volume element).