How to load Siemens 3D ultrasound data

hello Andras, and thanks for your support!

I read this thread and many others because I’m having issues while trying to upload a 3D US volume acquired with a Siemens system.

I will summarize, and I would like to know if you can help me:

  • when I try to load using DCM module, I get this error

Could not load: - as a 36 frames MultiVolume by ImagePositionPatient+AcquisitionTime as a MultiVolume

  • when I load as data the files, they are deformed (elongated)
  • I tried the Slicer Heart plugin and Raw Image Guess with no success
  • I used the 7CF2 probe (ref) and an Acuson S3000

I can share a US scan if needed, it’s phantom data.

Please, let me know how can I solve this issue.


Yew, please share the file (upload it somewhere and post the link here) and I’ll have a look.

Hi Andras, please find in this link an example of the US scan that has the same issue, Thank you !

Hi Andras! And thanks Sidaty for this! Please, let us know if you can guide us through this issue!

Thanks a lot !

hI @lassoan , did you find the time to check this? Thanks a lot!