How to measure vessel diameter

I need to measure the diameters of vessels(Descending aorta and 3 vertebral arteries) in my segmented model.How can I do that?Do I need any Extension?

If your model is created in Slicer with Segment Editor, i.e, a Segment of a Segmentation node, you can use VMTK extension for that. Use Extract Centerline to create a Centerline of the aorta, then Centerline Metrics to get the diameters in a chart and in a table. This output is more readable if you generate non-bifurcated distinct centerlines (you seem to target branches of the aorta as well).

(It 's better to create dedicated topics for specific problems, rather than branching off like here.)

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Thank you so much.
Does anybody know the free software(even trial version) for extracting flow data from CT-images?

I have made a thick shell from lumen. Now I need to polish the mesh model but I don’t want to get back to the ct-images and modify the model.I’d like to use a module to remove the sharp corners,fill any undesirable holes and … using the shell model.
any help is appreciated

is there any way to cut in straight line using scissors?

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I have two object in slicer 3d and want to move one of them and connect together.How can I move an abject?