How to move the Slicer View origin to the model's center?

As we know ,In the Blender software, there is a function to move the geometric center to the origin and move the origin to the geometric center.

Is there a way to implement this function in Slicer?

If I use the Creat models module to creat a sphere ,is the centre of the sphere the origin ?

Thanks for any answer.

You might be looking for the “Center 3D View” button

Thank you for your answer.

Actually I am trying to find out the whole 3D view’s origin ,not the visible 3D view’s centre.

Can you explain your use case a bit more?

The 3D view’s origin is always at (0,0,0) in the renderer coordinate system (also known as RAS or World coordinate system).

When I use Transform module to rotate a model ,

I want it rotate along a fixed point ,

I know the point is the 3D View’s origin.

For example , a puncture tube for brain hemorrhage,

after I fixed one end ,I can use Transform module to rotate the other end anyway so that find a better path .

See how to rotate a model around an arbitrary point here:

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