How to prevent meeting from disappearing after it expires?

From @lassoan

The calendar on the Slicer Forum’s Weekly meeting category (Weekly meetings - 3D Slicer Community) shows up empty for me.

Probably the meeting disappeared from the calendar when it expired. I could not find any setting that would keep the past meetings visible.

One solution could be to could create the meetings ahead of time to have at least one meeting in the calendar. There seems to be a recurring event option as well, but I don’t know how that works (can you still indicate that you are going to attend, if all the meetings are associated with a single post, etc.).

If we cannot make past meetings appearing in the calendar and it is not feasible to always have at least one upcoming meeting in the calendar then we should probably hide the calendar. The events still show up in the topic list.

This topic summarizes off-line discussions between @lassoan, @Sam_Horvath and @jcfr.

From @Sam_Horvath

So, it looks like having and end time for the event causes it to disappear:

Expired events with end times are being removed from upcoming-events even with setting set to -1 - #11 by JammyDodger - support - Discourse Meta

Removing the end time puts it back on the calendar.