Should we rename the existing "Weekly meetings" category to “Community events”?

Following the upgrade of our discourse instance, we can now leverage the calendar plugin and associated events feature.

From @lassoan

The calendar displayed at Weekly meetings - 3D Slicer Community is huge and relatively empty.

An idea would be suggest @muratmaga to add events for the SlicerMorph office hours and alike.

If more events will be added then we may rename the category to something more generic, such as “Community meetings” or “Community events”.

This topic summarizes off-line discussions between @lassoan, @Sam_Horvath and @jcfr.

From @jcfr

support & development post associated with date

Question: Does it make sense to have the following posts available under “Community Events” ?

And to make the reader can discriminate, we would include something like Target Audience: ... in the event description.

From @lassoan

“Community Events” sounds good. Should I rename it now?

The first few words of the event name is visible in the calendar, so if we post maintenance as events (which is a good idea) then we could start it with “Maintenance: …”.

Renaming the category from Weekly meeting to Community events is sensible.

After the rename we would then move the posts tagged with maintenance into this renamed category.

Before doing so, I also suggest we come up with:

  • a description for the category
  • indicate what type of events can be posted (project week ? conference ? trainings ? …)
  • process to have event posted

cc: @lassoan @pieper @Sam_Horvath

Here is a draft description:

Community Meetings and Events

This category is for organizing community meetings and events. It is a space where we can share information about various community-related activities.

We will be posting a range of events, including weekly meetings, office hours, and maintenance times for our web and build infrastructure. As the events calendar feature in Discourse is new for us, we will be refining the type and scope of events as we learn.

Instead of organizing, “announcing” might be more clear:

This category is for organizing community meetings and events

It would be also useful to clarify who is meant by “we”. Do we encourage all forum members to post events here?