How to reduce lung segmentation time?

When using the AI function of CTlungsegmentation (lungmask R231CovidWeb), segmentation takes more than 3 minutes. The spec of the PC used is RTX3050ti 4GB. What can I improve?

3 minutes is a really good considering the time and effort you would need to do the work manually and this short computation time is most often acceptable even in intraprocedural workflows. There are much faster GPUs available, so a trivial option for making segmentation faster is to upgrade your hardware.

Hello, I’m wondering how to use the AI function, lungmask R231CovidWeb, in 3D Slicer? I didn’t find the extension.

Please install the Lung CT Analyzer extension. Lung CT Segmenter is part of it and this includes support for lungmask R231CovidWeb.


Dear rbumn,
Thank you for your reply. However, I use the version 5.4 but there might be something wrong with my Lung CT Segmenter. Please check the attached screenshot. I didn’t see “very low detail” or “lungmask R231CovidWeb” in your screenshot. Also there is no reaction after clicking the “Start”.

Sorry for the problem.
Please install the TotalSegmentator extension, restart 3D Slicer, and try the Segmenter again.
I will push an update soon to avoid this error.

Thanks rbumm.
I followed your instruction but still not working.

here is my installed extension.

That selection of extensions looks good, where is 3D Slicer installed? Could that be an access problem where certain rights are missing when you run Slicer ? I see that Lung CT Segmenter is not initialized correctly.
Could you post the content of the Python interactor during startup ?

I’m currently using MacBook air with M2 chip, the macos is 13.2.1. I installed 3D Slicer at Application.

PS: I’ve also tried a Windows PC today, with freshly installed 3D and extension, which was facing same problem.

Please update Lung CT Analyzer tomorrow, select the ct chest sample volume and report back with the same display. Make sure your computer has access to the internet.

Dear rbumm,
After update Lung Ct Analyzer to latest version, It works well with the Chest sample data.
Thanks for your support!

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